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Angular Framework

What is Angular?

First of all it is important to know that 'Angular' is a Framework and not a library. A framework is bigger, more capable and provides more facilities than simple library -- like jQuery, dojo, prototype or react.

Angular Framewokr provides many important features which are inbuilt in it -- and you do not have to rely on any external library for these featues.

Some of the important features moulded in 'Angular Framework' are -- "data-binding", "routing", "animations", "templating" and "unit-testing".

You do not need to make a basket of 10 differnt libraries and on every update keep checking if all are still compatible with each other.

In "Angular Framework" all the various parts and bits are interrelated and with each new version, they run fine after testing and release by Angular Team, and you do not need to worry about various libraries compatibilty and you have '1 single Package' and all your featues are pre-tested and released by 'angualr team' only.

Benefit of Framework

As already said Angular is a JavaScript framework rather than being a simple JavaScript Library. Some commonly used Javascript libraries are -- jQuery, Dojo, Polymer, React, Redux, etc. A JavaScript framework is much more capable and powerful than a simple library.

A JavaScript Framework is far more vast and provides much more facilities. Some of the JavaScript Frameworks are --Angular 2/4/5/6, AngularJs or 1.x, KnockOut JS, Backbone JS, Ember JS, Aurelia, Vue JS, etc. JavaScript Frameworks instead of using JavaScript Libraries provide less starting time, provide boilerplate code, got inbuilt support for testing, have got their own validation mechanism, no outside dependencies for templating is required (like usage of Handlebars, Mustache, etc.). Therefore the overall development using a JavaScript Frameworks is considered much better and stable.

Angular - Bigger and Better than all other JavaScript Frameworks

We have already seen that gone are the days of developing Websites and applications using JavaScipt Libraries (like jQuery/ Dojo/ Moo-Tools, etc.). Now, is the new age of using Complete JS Frameworks rather than using a ton of indiviudal JS Libraries for each task. Even bigger news is that -- Angular is bigger than all the other JS Frameworks, it has more facilites, more features, bigger user-base, more prospects in jobs, and finally 'support and backup of biggest Giant of Modern World Web Technology -- Google!"

Advantages of Using Angular

Following are the advantages of using Angular:

  • Begin with boilerplate code so initial development is superfast.
  • Super support for Unit testing via Jasmine/Karma
  • generation of files and code is much easier using 'angular-cli' commands.
  • A proper well-defined structure so its eazy to understand location of various files and folders and what they do.
  • supported by google, so surity that it will run long time.
  • A vast community of angular users so the problems posted have high probability of solved pretty soon.
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