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Basic Requirements

Basic Requirements for Angular Project

Angular Project Development is not as simple as creating an HTML file and adding CSS and JavaScript to it. There are some dependencies and complexities before even you begin. You cannot just take a text-editor and develop Angular Project. First of all you will have to make some preparation.

You need to install following tools and items before beginning with an Angular Project:

  • NPM (+Node)
  • Angular-CLI
  • VSCode
  • Git (optional)

NPM, Angular-CLI, VSCode and Github

NPM -- NPM is used as package manager for Angular Projects. It is required to download files for various dependencies and after downloading it keeps all the files in the node_modules folder, from where the various files can be accessed by the application.

Angular-CLI -- Angular-CLI is required as it is pretty helpful with its large set of commands which help in decreasing the amount of work done to get started with projects and also helps building a pre-defined structure of files and folders. It also helps with the starting boilderplate code and with few commands you can create components, services, pipes, interfaces, etc.

VSCode -- VSCode is the text editor that is best suited for building Angular Applications. VSCode has various facilites like intellicense for TypeScript code, plugins and tools which facilitate in development of app.

Github -- Github helps in development of project where many contributers are working on same project and files, and there is a check of various code-versioning and file-changes. Github helps in proper management of files and also a check on what is being checked in to the project and what is being removed. Any error can be rolled back to the previous code-version and changes can be merged only if it is properly reviewed by project-owner or admin.

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