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Creating a New Project

Environment Setup for Angular Project

As already mentioned in prevoius chapter, starting up with Angular Project is not a straight away job. There are preparations to be done. It simply doesn't work like creating an html file and adding style and scripts to it. So, first we need to install few items and run some commands. After that only will we be able to work with Angular and create a project.

Following are some steps to be followed to get started with an Angular Project:

  • Install NPM
  • Install Angular-CLI
  • Install VSCode

Basic Software Installation

* Step 1: Installing NPM -- First of all you need to go to the Node JS official website and download the latest version of NodeJS and install it. NPM comes with NodeJS only, so no additional effort is required to install both Node and NPM. Carry on this step and move ahead.

Download (Node + NPM)

* Step 2: Installing Angular-CLI -- The second step is that we install Angular-CLI package with the help of NPM (package download manager) that we installed in last step.

Run the code below to install 'Angular-CLI' package:

> npm install -g @angular/cli

* Step 3: Installing VSCode -- VSCode is simply a text editor for the project. There are other text-editors available such as Atom, Sublime-Text and WebStorm. You can use either of them as this is your personal choice. For this tutorial I will be using VSCode as it has got lots of lints and support for TypeScript. I advise you to use the same. Later, when you get some command on developing projects in Angular, you may switch to any other editor of your choice.

Download VSCode .

Next Steps to Create Angular Project

The after basic installation, follow these steps to get started with project:

  1. Now, go to the folder where you want to set up your project.
  2. Next run the command: > ng create proj1 -- This will create a new project and install the required dependencies
  3. Next go inside this folder: > cd proj1 -- Now the console will land inside the new proj1 folder that you have made.
  4. Now time to run the server. So run the following command: > ng serve --open -- This command will run the server and also open the app on port : 4200 on your web browser.

Congrats! You are now running your Angular-App. Later you may make changes and see them instantly on browser.

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