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SPA Technology

What is SPA Technology?

"Single Page Applicaiton" or SPA is a technology in which each time URL changes of website or app, the complete page is not reloaded but instead only a portion of the page loads -- thereby loading less data from server and thereby reducing the load on the server.

Earlier when full pages were written on backend technology and used to be .asp, .php or .jsp then whole content was written and after calucaltions and compilation were sent from server as plain html pages.

After ajax came simple html pages were sent from server without much manipulation and logic was implemented to run on client-browser. Any data that was need from database now used to come from AJAX calls and implemented on view by client-browser only.

But, question arises that what if only some portion of pages needs to be updated. Or what like header and footers of all pages are same, then why to load the full page, and not only middle portion (as header and footer will remain same).

Here comes SPA -- once the base page is loaded then only a portion of it will change and on url change the whole page will not be loaded again (thereby increasing load on server), but only a portion of the complete page will be changed dynamically by client-browser.

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