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Multiple Columns

Multiple Columns in CSS3

Have you ever wondered why newspapers have the text broken up in columns? It is to add readability for users. Since, newspapers do not have facility of mouse to slide your text or decrease window size, best method is that do not stretch lines of texts too long for user to continuously move his eyes from one end to other end of news paper.

It is evident that small columns of texts would help a user in reading more than long monotonous unbreaking lines having news written end to end to the width of a news paper.

But, what if you want to do very same effect on your website, ie, break you text in columns rather than complete row? Earlier, process was complicated where you would need to break divs into certain widths, then have them aligned next to each other by "display:inline-block", then add text and often use "word-break:break-all", and various other combinations to get the thing done! Alas, so much of hassle!

But, now in CSS3 you just can achieve all this by one simple property, just add column count and your text will automatically be broken in respective columns.



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