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Box Model


  • Box-Model has 4 items defined in it - content, padding, border, margin.

Concept of Box-Model

Box model is the graphical representation of content and some other dimension effecting properties of an html element. Box-Model helps in fine-tuning the various css properties named -- padding, border and margin to set the html element as per the required Ux. Various properties like padding, border, margin have always been part of css but box-model simply gives a UI perspective and their comparision and position from inside to outside to help the programmer understand their exact position and usage.

Following is the graphical representation of Box Model:

box model

In the following example we are setting padding, border, margin of a div element with some content inside it.


  margin: 20px;
  border: 5px solid black;
  padding: 15px;

  <div>This is a div.</div>


This is a div.

Box-Model representation in Chrome-Dev Tools

While you are developing a website, if you open your code in Chrome Dev Tools and go to Elements Tab you can see box-model representation of an element there too. Just point cursor to an element and click it. On the right-hand panel in the bottom you will see the box-model properties of that elment.

Look at the image below to have better understanding:

box model
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