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Child and Nth Type Selectors

Selectors based on Child Values

These selectors select an element by counting its position among all children of a particular parent element. First-child, last-child, or child of nth number can be easily calculated with simple formulas. These selectors are of great help in making some uncommon selection like an element, 7th of its type at current dom (document object model) level of tree.

Child & Nth-Type Selectors
1First child:first-childSelects the first child of an element
2First of type:first-of-typeSelects the first child of an element but of a certain type
3Last Child:last-childSelects the last child of an element
4Last of type:last-of-typeSelects the last child of an element but of a certain type
5Nth Child:nth-child()Selects the nth child of an element (as mentioned inside brackets)
6Nth of type:nth-of-type()Does same work as nth-child except that the selection applies only on a certain type of element
7Nth last child:nth-last-child()Selects nth number of child of an element, but counting starts from the end (rather than from beginning)
8Nth last of type:nth-last-of-type()Does same work as nth-last-child except that selection applies only on a certain type of element
9Only Child:only-childSelects child of an element, if it is the only child (and no other child is present for an element)
10Only of a type:only-of-typeDoes the same work as only-child except that it applies to only one type of element (if 'p' tag is applied as only-of-type, then there may be more div, span, or other elements as children, but paragraph should be only one -- to be selected).
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