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Pseudo Classes Selectors

Selectors based on Pseudo-Classes

Pseudo Classes refer to special kinds of selectors that not only select on basis of element or property but rather its state like :hover. The elements might be selected due to some external factors or history of events like :visited.

Look at the table below to have better understanding of various pseudo-classes selectors.

Pseudo Classes Selectors
1Focus:focusThis selector will select element that currently has focus, like clicking on an input box.
2Checked:checkedIt selects are checkboxes that are in checked state.
3Valid:validInput boxees with right data filled in, eg, email type input box has correct format.
4Invalid:invalidIt selects all input boxes with wrong inputs, say type number got text, or type email got invalid email written in text box.
5Enabled:enabledOpposite of disabled. If an input box is not disabled then it is selected.
6Disabled:disabled Selects all input boxes which are mentioned with attribute disabled.
7In Range:in-range Usually for input type number. The value in box lying with range of min and max.
8Out of Range:out-of-range Usually for input type number. The value lying outside the prescribed range.
9Optional:optional The input boxes or elements which are not necessary required to be filled or have not got required attribute with them.
10Required:requiredThe input boxes which have got required attribute in them and need to be filled necessarily.
11Read Only:read-only If data in the input box cannot be changed but can only be read.
12Read Write:read-writeCommon input boxes with no boundation of read-only attribute specifically mentioned in them.
13Link:link A common hyperlinked anchor tag.
14Hover:hoverPutting mouse over a link tag.
15Active:active Active state of link tag. To check just press mouse over link, but don't leave.
16Visited:visitedLink which is already visited in the browser to help user understand he went to this link earlier also.
17Empty:empty Selects empty elements with no data inside them.
18Language Selection:lang(language)Helps in multi-language websites to highlight special conversions or language than the one commonly used in page.
19Target:target Selects target element on the same page linked with an anchor tag.
20Root or Document Object Model:rootThis always represents root element, document object model or html tag.
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