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Adaptive Web Design


  • Adaptive Web Design aims at making different versions of every page in a website. When requested, the website returns the most-optimized page based on user's screen-size. So the user gets a completely different page for each url for desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • The trade-off to highly optimized UI per page is the amount of code that you have to write for each page. Even if you are supporting 3 devices, it means your coding-work has increased x3 times.

How to make adaptrive web design?

This approach suggests that you create many different versions of each web page and then use javascript or complicated programming to detect the device, its screen-size, and its other features to deliver the user with a version of the site which is optimized for the current screen-size and other features that the user has on his device.

Adaptive Web Designing is more complex, complicated, expensive and time-taking. It is generally used only by large and well-financed firms and Companies.

If you might have seen or try reach facebook.com from mobile, you will be directed to m.facebook.com. This is quite similar to Adaptive Web Design but not exactly. It would have been same, if the domain name would also not have changed.

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