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Multi-Device Support Methods


  • Multi-Device Support is important in today's perspective where 90% of the traffic comes via mobiles and tablets.
  • No vendor would like to miss on a potential customer and hence supporting a website on all 3 platforms has become extremely important.

How to code to get mutli-device support?

With the advent of Smartphones there came a change in the Website Visitors. The change that took place in 2000s took a drastic turn and in 2014 for the first time when mobile visitors surpassed those from Desktops/Laptops. Now, if one had to be in market for long time and capture more and more customers by having them visit owner's Websites, the best way came to be that now the Websites not only to be made for High-Configuration machines (desktops/laptops) but also for devices with less technical capability (less RAM, less capable browser), ie, mobiles and tablets.

There are 3 methods to target Multiple Devices for a Website:

  1. Responsive Web Designing
  2. Adaptive Web Designing
  3. Standalone www.m.xyz.com sites for mobiles (Separate url website with its own content)

The basic concept in all these 3 approaches is that you create a website that works properly with good functionality (at least acceptable) in terms of UI and JS (user interaction) for all different types of devices available in the market (at least mobiles, tablets, laptops & desktops). Effort is made that whatever approach you take, the web designs are optimized for the size of the screen or a certain type of device that is being used by the user to view them.

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