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Responsive Web Design


  • Responsive Web Design means using the same code on a website make it look different, better, optimized and user-friendly for each platform - desktop, tablet and mobile.

How to make responsive web design?

This is the first approach for Multi-Device Support to be done by a website. This is the most famous one and already has a number of pre-build UI Frameworks which will do the job for you without much hassle.

Look at a scenario where a vendor wants his website to render on various mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and even widescreens. One method to do that will be make different websites and try find the screen width or device type and then redirect to a separate domain link (Our 3rd approach). This would require a lot of extra coding being done for each of those links and respective codebase.

Responsive Designing advocates use of Media Query and smart classes to get this thing done easily. What is required is that let the content be same but depending on various screen size change the CSS so smartly as to hide/show, change height/width, font-size, color, background and multiple other properties so that now the very same content when viewed from desktop to mobile looks like user is visiting some other website while in reality only some CSS has changed (RWD might also include JS changes based on device).

So basically we can say that you may either use a lot of Media Queries yourself to adjust look and feel of your content based on device properties (like screen-size, portrait, landscape, etc.) or use any pre-build and easily available Responsive UI Framework (like Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic UI, etc.).

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