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Separate Domain And Content


  • This strategy aims at making different versions of same website and upload them to different domain-names or sub-domain-names. When requested, the website checks the device or screen-size of user's screen and then redirects him to one of the urls which is best optimized for the current user-screen or device.
  • The most common example of this is facebook. When using mobile you will be redirected to m.facebook.com.

Using separate domain and content to support multiple devices

This is the third approach to achieve Multi-Device Support for any website. If you try open Facebook on mobile you will be directed to m.facebook.com. So, in this approach a Vender makes separate code-base and separate domain for various standard devices. Say, there is a website www.mywebsite.com. So, for various platforms its domain would differ as:

  • Desktop - www.mywebsite.com
  • Tablet - www.t.mywebsite.com
  • Mobile - www.m.mywebsite.com

Here, there are different domains for one website and they all have their different code-bases also. The user login and his identification is done by server-side authentication. This approach requires very heavy upliftment of money and only very large companies and firms can afford this luxury approach.

Small websites just try to make website Responsive (1st approach); Some go a further mile making it adaptive (2nd approach). But, this approach is not at all carried by them.

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