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CSS Quiz 1

Q1: What does CSS stand for?

Computed Standard Sheets

Computer Friendly Style Sheets

Cascading Style-Sheets

Color and Style Standard Sheets

Q2: Set the priority of Style Sheets:?

!important > External > Internal > Inline

Inline > !important > Internal > External

External > Inline > Internal > !important

!important > Inline > Internal > External

Q3: How to refer an external Style Sheet?

<style href="someStyle.css">

<stylesheet src="someStyle.css">

<meta link="stylesheet" href="someStyle.css">

<link rel="stylesheet" href="someStyle.css">

Q4: Where is an external CSS added?





Q5: How to add internal styling?

Using <meta>

Using <style>

Using <css>

Using <link>

Q6: Which of the following is correct?

p {background:red; opacity:1.2;}

p {background color:blue, opacity:0.95;}

p {color:purple; border:3px;}

p {background:hsla(219, 30%, 12%, 0.9);}

Q7: Which of the following is a valid CSS comment?

// some comment

/* some comment **/

<!-- some comment -->

<-- some comment -->

Q8: Which property will you use to change font-color of an HTML element?





Q9: How will you change the size of text in a paragraph?

p {font: 24px;}

p {font-size: 24px;}

p {text: 24px;}

p {text-size: 24px;}

Q10: Which property will you use to underline all the data in a paragraph?





Q11: Which CSS property can set the casing (upper/ lower/ capitalize) of data inside an HTML element?





Q12: How will you change the font of an HTML element?

Using font-style

Using font-type

Using font-selection

Using font-family

Q13: How to make text bold inside a paragraph?

p {font-size: bold;}

p {text-weight: bold;}

p {font-weight: bold;}

p {text-weight: b;}

Q14: If margin is set to {margin: 2px 3px 4px 5px} then which of the following is true?

margin-left: 2px; margin-right:3px;

margin-top:2px; margin-bottom: 3px;

margin-right:3px; margin-left:5px;

margin-bottom:5px; margin-left:3px;

Q15: Which of the following can have a square infront of list-items?





Q16: Which symbol is used to select "all" elements in an HTML Document?





Q17: How many items on an HTML page ideally should have same id?

atleast 1

only 1

0, 1, or 2

Any number of elements, it does not matter

Q18: Which selector defines direct child?





Q19: Z-Index will not work for the following element:

opacity is zero

position is static

display is inline

padding is -ve

Q20: Which of the following is not a property of 'border-image'?





Q21: Which of the following is syntactically wrong?

background-image: linear-gradient(0deg, red, blue);

background-image: linear-gradient(to left, red, blue);

background-image: linear-gradient(-35 deg, red, blue);

None of the above

Q22: which of the following is not a CSS3 transformation?





Q23: which of the following is NOT a property added for proper working of CSS3 on some specific browsers?





Q24: how to import a css file in another CSS file?

@import url("someStyle.css");

@import-css url("someStyle.css");

#import url("someStyle.css");

@import source="someStyle.css";

Q25: which of the following is NOT a valid CSS color declaration?



rgba(227, 253, 17, 0.8)

hsla(80%, 75%, 90%, 0.5)

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