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ES6 Tutorial

About this Tutorial

This tutorial is made to make you learn ES6 with proper steps -- fast and easy. By the end of this tutorial you will have a good grasp and knowledge of ES6. You will be able to understand the changes that this verions brings and how it is implemented by browsers.

It is important to understand that JavaScript is just an implementation of the points mentioned by EcmaScript just like many other implementations -- "JScript, ActionScript, etc."

Note: "EcmaScript is the language (not JavaScript)". JavaScript is an implemenation of that language or specification. Its like EcmaScript is an engine which 3 cars -- JavaScript, JScript and ActionScript use.

EcmaScript Version History

ES 1.0June 1997
ES 2.0June 1998
ES 3.0December 1999
ES 4.0Abandoned (Never Released)
ES 5.0December 2009
ES 5.1June 2011
ES 6.0 (ES2015)June 2015
ES 7.0 (ES2016)June 2016
ES 8.0 (ES2017)June 2017
ES 9.0 (ES2018)June 2018
ES 10.0 (ES2019)June 2019


Transpiling is the process of converting ES6 or above versions to 'Vanilla JavaScript' or older version that is supported by browser.

You need to understand that there are a lot of code changes in ES6 version and above. Now, those code changes may or may not be understood by your browser. Chrome may support 6 out of 10 features. Some other browser may support 4 out of 10. Some other browser may support 7 out of 10 features, but different from those chrome.

The end user may be surfing from USA or Austrailia or Japan. He might be browsing from 'edge' or 'firefox' or from some 'native android browser'.

Now, as 'product owner' you want your website to work properly for 100% people. The solution is that first compile your ES6+ versions to basic JavaScript then upload that simpilified file to your web-space, ie, GoDaddy, GCP, Amazon or wherever. Since the enduser will have simplified 'vanilla JavaScript' so he will be able to view your web-pages properly (if browser is not decades old and not supporting properly even 'vanilla JavaScript').

Most famous ES6+ compiler: Babel

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