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HTML H1 to H6


  • H1 to H6 tags are most important for SEO of Websites.
  • H1 to H6 have got default font-size and are used as headings of various articles or sub-topics.
  • There must be ideally only one H1 tag per HTML Document.

H1 to H6 Tags

Header tags are simple Headings to the content. Whenever you write on a topic, you provide a subject title and then you write some paragraphs about the topic. Header tags are there to highlight the topic about which you are going to write.

Header tags are often written in conjunction with paragraphs, as every heading will have something after it to explain it. Header tags come in 6 varieties (H1 to H6). Each of these tags has its own assigned default font-size and other properties.

It is important to know that Header tags not only provide the heading highlighting but also provide good level of SEO. Your webpage must always have an H1 tag, after this if required, provide sub-heading with H2 and so on.

This is a good habit to provide highlighting to important topics and along with it provide good SEO to your page.


  <h1>This is Header 1.</h1>
  <h2>This is Header 2.</h2>
  <h3>This is Header 3.</h3>
  <h4>This is Header 4.</h4>
  <h5>This is Header 5.</h5>
  <h6>This is Header 6.</h6>


This is Header 1.

This is Header 2.

This is Header 3.

This is Header 4.

This is Header 5.
This is Header 6.
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