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HTML Forms


  • <form> tags help in creating HTML Forms that take user data from the end user and save them at backend in databases.
  • All Form Elements such as input, dropdowns, radio, checkbox, submit, textarea go all inside <form> tags.

Forms in HTML

Forms are integral part of any website which tends to collect any sort of data from its users. Whether it is Railway Reservation, Plane Reservation, Entrance Test, entering a form for a School or Collage - the data that you collect online is mostly through HTML Forms.

<form> tags are basically containers with various tools that help in collecting data from users via various types of input options like textbox, radio buttons, dropdowns, textarea, checkboxes, etc.

An example of from would be a user visiting registration page of a website and entering required details such as name, age, gender, city, country, email, contact number, etc. This data may be sent to the back-end and get saved in a database.


  Name:<input type="text"><br/>
  Age: <input type="number"><br/>
  <button type="submit">Submit</button>


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