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HTML Quiz 1

Q1: What is the full form of HTML?

hyperlink and text markup language

hyphenated text medium language

hyper text markup language

hi text medium language

Q2: Who makes the standards of web and browsers?

WWW (World Wide Web R&D Team)


Mozzila and Microsoft

Google and FaceBook Joint Consultation

Q3: Which of the Following is not a header tag?





Q4: Which tag to use to insert a line Break?





Q5: Which of the following will add a 'red' background to the paragraph?

<p bg="red">hi </p>

<p background="red"> hi </p>

<p style="background:red"> hi </p>

<p background-color="red"> hi </p>

Q6: Which of the following will add a tilted text?

<tt> hi </tt>

<tilted> hi </tilted>

<kbd> hi </kbd>

<i> hi </i>

Q7: Which of the following is correct syntax for generating an anchor tag?

<anchor href="www.google.com"> Google </anchor>

<a src="www.google.com"> Google </a>

<a href="www.google.com"> Google </a>

<a src="www.google.com"> http://www.google.com </a>

Q8: How to open a hyperlink in a new window?

<a href="www.google.com" target="blank"> Google </a>

<a src="www.google.com" target="new"> Google </a>

<a href="www.google.com" target="window"> Google </a>

<a src="www.google.com" source="new"> Google </a>

Q9: Which of the following elments are present while making a table?

<tbody>, <th>, <tl>

<thead>, <tbody>, <tfoot>

<table>, <thead>, <tcol>

<thead>, <tr>, <tbody>

Q10: Which of the following is true about inline elements?

Inline elements top-padding will not work

Inline elements left-margin cannot be greater than 10px

Inline elements cannot be turned to block elements

Inline elements top-bottom margin and left-right paddings take no effect by changing values

Q11: Which is the correct syntax for making a text input field?

<input type="text-content" />

<input type="text" col="3" />

<input type="text" style="background:blue" />

<textarea type="text"></textarea>

Q12: Which of the following is a not a list tag?





Q13: Which is the correct syntax for making a checkbox?

<checkbox> Male </checkbox>

<check selected="true"> Male </check>

<input type="checkbox"> Male </check>

<input type="check-box" selected="true"> Male </check>

Q14: How to make a text area in HTML?

<input type="text-area" />

<input type="textarea" />

<input type="text" row="10" />

<textarea col="25" />

Q15: How to insert an image in an HTML document?

<image src="someImage.png" />

<img href="someImage.png" />

<img src="someImage.png" />

<image href="someImage.png" />

Q16: Which is the correct syntax of adding comments in HTML?

// some comment ...

/* some comment ... */

<-- some comment -->

<!-- some comment -->

Q17: Which of the following is not a block element?





Q18: How to add a favicon (small image in the tab of browser) for a web page?

<link rel="icon" href="someImage.png" />

<favicon rel="icon" href="someImage.png" />

<favicon rel="icon" src="someImage.png" />

<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/png" src="/favicon.png"/>

Q19: Which of the following is the correct syntax for adding Doctype in an HTML5 document?

<!DOCTYPE html>

<!Doctype html5>

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "http:// www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd" >

<!Doctype version="html 5.0">

Q20: Which of the following is correct syntax to add video to your page?

<video mediaType="movie" width="200px">

<video width="400" controls>

<video height="300" width="500" control>

<video version="5.0" src="someFile.mpeg" controls>

Q21: Which of the following is NOT added as part of HTML5?





Q22: Which of the following is NOT a valid attribute of Input Box?





Q23: Where should you write the content to be directly shown to the user?

in <!docttype>

in <head></head>

in <body></body>

in <meta></meta>

Q24: Where to add the metadata in a web page?

in <head></head>

in <body></body>

in <footer></footer>

in <link /> tags inside <head></head>

Q25: Which is the enclosing tag of all the content on a web page?





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