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New Elements


  • Apart from Semantic, 3 more elements are added in HTML5 - keygen, datalist, output.

Three new elmeents added in HTML5

Apart from semantic elements there are 3 other elements included in HTML5 -- 'keygen', 'datalist' and 'output'.

Following table shows the usage of each of these items:

New Elements
1Keygen<keygen>The tag creates a public/private key pair along with a certification request to be sent to Certificate Authority (CA). CA creates a certificate and sends back to browser to be used for user authentication.
2Datalist<datalist>The Datalist tag specifies a list of pre-defined options along with an input box. As user starts typing characters the autocomplete feature of datalist scans and sorts possible options thereby helping user find correct item. This is useful in cases of names of countries or states where user doesn't need to go to entire list, but enter few characters he is able to find exact match he is looking for.
3Output<output>This tag represents the final outcome of some mathematical calculation. Earlier, javascript was only way to calculate and then print back result, but now simple calculations can be done by using this tag itself.
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