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New Input Types


  • In HTML5 new input types being added other than "text" - email, url, color, range, number, tel, etc.

Twelve new input types added in HTML5

New Input Types are a set of 12 new input types that have been added as options for the input box, which is part of making web forms. As you change the type of input, the features for the input box also change. For example, if you provide the input type as 'email' and try to submit form with an invalid email, the automatic validation will be done on browser without any extra effort made to validate it.

Input type 'color' provides a box with set of colors to choose from. Input type 'range' will give a scroller with minimum and maximum range to slide and choose a number from it, and so on.

These are pretty cool features added inside HTML5 to provide more visual appeal to the end-user.

Following are the various input types added in HTML5:

New Input Types
1Emailtype="email"Represents input type valid only for as Email
2Urltype="url"Represents input type valid only for type url
3Colortype="color"Represents a set of colors from which user can choose one.
4Rangetype="range"Provides a range of numbers from which user can choose one.
5Numbertype="number"Represents input type valid only for type number (no characters or speical characters allowed)
6Teltype="tel"Represents input type as telephone number.
7Searchtype="search" .....
8Weektype="week"Asks user to choose input in form of week number.
9Monthtype="month"Ask user to make entry in form of month name or number.
10Datetype="date"Asks user to make entry in form of date.
11Timetype="time"Makes entry to input box in form of time.
12Datetime-Localtype="datetime-local"Makes entry to inpput box in form of date-time combination with values representing local time.
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