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Semantic Tags


  • In HTML5 new semantic elements have been added - header, footer, article, aside, section, nav, fig, figcaption.
  • Semantic Tags only add meaning to HTML dom but present no Visual Changes in UI by their usage.

Eight Semantic Tags added in HTML5

Semantic refers to meaning of something. Semantic tags that have been included in HTML5 basically do the same work as div but they add an additional meaning to the tag when used -- like instead of using div for top section, we can use the header tag. Similarly, the bottom part can be represented by the footer tag. Main content can go inside the article tag and so on.

The real purpose of adding these new tags is to provide more meaning to the tags and release the extra burden of doing everything from div.

Following are the new semantic tags included in HTML5:

Semantic Tags
1Header<header>Represents Heading of Page or Section
2Footer<footer>Represents Footer of Page or Section
3Article<article>Represents place where main article or main content is written
4Aside<aside>Represents side smaller area for advertizements or specific links
5Section<section>Represents a section of page which contains some specific content like -- section for article, section for advertizement, section for previous posts, etc.
6Nav<nav>Represents area to put navigation or links to various pages of website
7Figure<figure>Used along with figcaption to put image with its details
8Figcaption<figcaption>Used along with figure to put image along with its details
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