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What is new in HTML5?


  • HTML5 got released on 1 November 2016.
  • HTML5 introduced support for semantic-tags, keygen, datalist, output, canvas, svg, audio, video, localstorage, sessionstorage, indexed-db, geolocation, drag-and-drop, etc.

New features in HTML5

HTML5 comes in with lots of new features. Right from new Semantic tags to use instead of age old divs for layouting to inclusion of audio and video features which killed the kingdom of Adobe Flash.

Now, from making databases on the browser side through IndexedDB to the support of Geolocation APIs, HTML5 comes in with all sorts of flavors.

All the new features are to provide easy implementation of items in an html page. While some changes are pretty complex like the implementation of databases using -- Indexed DB or WebSQL, which is now deprecated, there are some very simple implementations of replacing divs with Headers or Footers. It all depends on the wish of the programmer - how he wants to design the layout of the web page and what all features he wants to include or exclude.

To start off it might seem pretty easy, like using some tags and input items, but real implementation of features like Web Worker, Web Socket or SSE will require in-depth skill and practice.

Following are the new features included in HTML5:

  • Syntax Changes
  • New Elements & Properties
  • Graphics Support
  • Media Support
  • Client Side Storage
  • API Support

Each of these features include multiple items inside them. In the following chapters we will go through each of them and see their way of implementation.

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