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Inheritance in JS

Inheritance in JavaScript

JavaScript exhibits inheritance in one and only one way - "Prototypal Inheritance". There is no other way in which inheritance takes place in JavaScript.

This type of inheritance is very different from the 'Classical Inheritance' present in languages like - Java, C++, C#, etc.

Prototypal Inheritance is also - single chain inheritance, multiple-inheritance is not possible via this type of inheritance.

Note: "Most of other prominent languages such as PHP, Python, and Java are class-based languages, which define classes as blueprints for objects and have Classical Inheritance."

Note: "The most famous question is round the corner 'Inheritance in JS' and most common answer is 'via Prototype or Prototypal Inheritance'."

Note: "Unlike most other languages, JavaScript’s object system is based on prototypes, not classes."

Note: "In JavaScript, class inheritance is implemented on top of prototypal inheritance, but that does not mean that it does the same thing:"

We will learn more about Prototypal Inheritance in next chapter.

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