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Events in JavaScript

Events are points in time where certain action took place mostly by the end user. It is an integral part of user interaction. Simple examples can be -- click of a button, hovering over a certain hyperlink, or pressing a keyboard button while focus is inside an input box.

Events can broadly be classified in the following groups:

  1. Mouse Events
  2. Keyboard Events
  3. Resource Events
  4. Network Events
  5. Focus Events
  6. Websocket Events
  7. Session History Events
  8. CSS Animation Events
  9. CSS Transition Events
  10. Form Events
  11. Printing Events
  12. Text Composition Events
  13. View Events
  14. Clipboard Events
  15. Drag & Drop Events
  16. Media Events
  17. Progress Events
  18. Storage events
  19. Update events
  20. Value change events
  21. Uncategorized events

The most common of these are Mouse Events and Keyboard Events which are used for user interaction, commonly in forms. We will discuss these 2 only here. Rest, you can check our Further Reading section to get information for other events.

Mouse Events
1ClickclickClicking an element
2Double ClickdblclickDouble Clicking an Element
3Mouse EntermouseenterEntering mouse in an Element area
4Mouse LeavemouseleaveLeaving mouse from an Element area
5Mouse DownmousedownPutting button down of mouse in an Element area
6Mouse UpmouseupLeaving mouse button after clicking down in an Element area
7Mouse OvermouseoverPutting mouse over an Element area
8Mouse MovemousemoveMoving mouse over an Element area
9Mouse OutmouseoutTaking mouse out of an Element area
Keyboard Events
1Key DownkeydownPutting a keyboard button down, mostly in an input box
2Key UpkeyupLeaving a keyboard button after pressing down, mostly in an input box
3Key PresskeypressPutting down a keyboard button and keep pressing without leaving it back to go up, mostly in an input box

Further Reading

1. Event reference

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