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What is JavaScript

What is JavaScript?

Javascript is the language to add the dynamic behavior to the static website pages. Whenever you see the pop-ups on click of button, sliding animations, or form validations, all this special effect and logic is by JavaScript only.

JavaScript is a scripting language which is used to add the dynamic nature and user interaction to the static html web pages. When we make a web page with basic languages (HTML & CSS), then we see a basic skeleton which is beautified with CSS Properties. But, what of events like to show a pop-up on clicking a button or to show error text in red to user on entering an invalid name (like putting numbers with text). Tasks like these cannot be only handled by HTML & CSS. They are used to provide basic skeleton to the web page and preparing a basic dom (document object model) by HTML and beautifying the web page or already created dom elements by the help of CSS. Providing user interaction, complex animations, validation, detecting HTML5 support (as done by Modernizr JS Library) is currently out of scope of these basic languages. We need JavaScript basically for these tasks.

JavaScript is mother of most of libraries or Frameworks that you would have herd -- "jQuery, Dojo, YUI Framework, Angular, React, Ember JS, Vue JS, Aurelia, Mustache, Handlebars, and on and on ....". Master JavaScript, that must be your goal. If you hold the spirit, to control the body is not a big task.

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