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Environment Setup

Environment Setup for React

Unlike development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery - Angular and React are not easily developed by just creating static files and linking them up (.html, .css, .js). It is not that you cannot do that, but then the work that you can do with CLI with take atleast 10 times longer. In such a case, you will first create your static files and link them up together which is time-taking and not required.

Rather, you can directly get Boilerplate code and start development with well-structured files and folders which are already interconnected and supporting test-cases, etc. So to reap the benefits you must use the create-react-app package to get the starting code in a moment and starting development from there.

Tools required to get started

Following are the items you require to start with React Project development:

  • Node + NPM
  • create-react-app package
  • VS Code Editor

Installing Node + NPM

You can go to the official website of NodeJS and download the installer from there and install them on your system.

Node + NPM (download)

Create-React-App Install

As you have already installed npm, now you can install any package that you require. So for working with react and getting "boilerplate code" just install this package by going to following link:

create-react-app (link)

> npm i create-react-app -g

Install VS Code

We need a code-editor to work with the code so lets download VS Code by going to the following link:

VS Code (download)

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