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React Tutorial

React Tutorial

This is the React Tutorial which will help you learn React.js easy and fast. The tutorial is designed in a way that you are able to grasp the concepts quick and easy. If you face any issues or have any ideas please provide the feedback to us so that we may improve it better.

What is React?

ReactJS is a JavaScript Library that has been developed and launched by the Facebook Team. React is basically the "view" part in the MVC or MV* paradigm. ReactJS is a little bit fast and is helpful while developing mobile apps and SPA websites. Just like Angular it has many similarities - concept of components, coded with ES6, working with Store and Actions, based on "Single Page Application" concept and pretty more.

Benefits of using React

Following are the benefits of using ReactJS:

  • It is an open-source JavaScript library
  • It is used for making large applications where data is changed on page without reloading page
  • It is useful in making "reusable UI components"
  • It is pretty fast, scalable and simple.
  • It is SEO friendly (compared to Angular and other SPAs)
  • It ensures fast rendering of pages
  • It is backed by strong community
  • It is maintained by Facebook
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