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Benefits of Sass

What are benefits of Using Sass?

Sass is a wrapper around CSS that gives CSS some super-powers. Its just like CSS is on steroids! Sass converts CSS (which is a simple language) into nearly a fully-fledged programming language.

CSS gets the benefit of using variables, scopes, functions, default arguments (like in ES6) etc.

Following are the main benefits of using SASS:

  • Reduction in overall code while writing
  • Code is structured and easy to understand via Nesting
  • Easy to change themes by making changes only at 1 place via variables
  • Scoping concept is present to make local and global variables
  • CSS file can be split to multiple files and modularize via Partials
  • Mathematical Operations and possible inside CSS file
  • CSS properties can be added based on conditions like using if-else
  • Common CSS code can be generated with minor changes using Loops
  • Overall reduction in total work-hour and labour-cost for large scale project

These are only few points and while going through entire course, you will find more benefits of using Sass in a project.

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