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Sass Installation

How to Install Sass?

Sass can be installed in multiple ways. You may install it by CLI or you may add its package in VSCode and run from there. There are multiple options but you need to remember that there will be a Sass file and it will get converted to plain CSS. Sometimes, you may like to change the location of source and destination files (.scss & .css) but for simplicity we would look at simple installations using various methods.

If you are using node.js, you may install sass by running this command:

> npm install -g sass

Otherwise, for ease and learning first go and install VS-Code by going to following link: (download vs-code)

Next, open VS-Code and in extensions search for Live Sass Compiler as follows:

Now, install Live Sass Compiler by clicking the install button.

After Installation, go to the bottom-right of the screen & you will see a watch sass button there. Just click the button and you are good to go.

As you write Sass and save the file, the compilation will work automatically and 2 new files will be generated - *.css and *.css.map. So, from now on you don't have to do anything but keep writing Sass and just save the file whenever you need to compile. Later, you may add this .css file in your html file as 'external css file' in the <head> section.

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