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Sass Operations

Mathematical Calculations in Sass

By default we cannot use any mathematics and operation in CSS like other programming languages, but by using Sass this is invariably possible. You can use common operators like - +, -, *, /, etc. Though quite often these might not be useful but sometimes these added tools might turn useful.

Look at the example below:


p{background:yellow;margin:10px;border:1px solid black;}
.para1 {width: 100% - 20%;}
.para2 {font-size:15px * 1.5;}
.para3 {height: 100px / 2;}

main.css (compiled):

p{background:yellow;margin:10px;border:1px solid black;}
.para1{width: 80%;}
.para2{font-size: 22.5px;}
.para3{height: 50px;}


This is a paragraph.

This is a paragraph.

This is a paragraph.

Operations don't work with units of different types

Unlike CSS Sass is quite strict in calcuation rules. The units on which the operations are being performed have to be of same type. Otherwise, the operations will not perform.

For example, the following code will throw error on being compiled to CSS:


.para1 {width: 100% - 200px;}
.para2 {font-size:30px - 2em;}
.para3 {height: 100px + 2vh;}
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