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Sass Tutorial

About this Tutorial

This Sass Tutorial has been made with utmost care and deep research. We have tried to cover all the aspects of the Sass Language. We have tried to mention all the benefits of sass and explain the working of it. We have also tried to provide with ample sass code and its direct conversion to relevant CSS.

If you find any sort of issues or inconsistency in this tutorial feel free to contact us via email or via feedback form. We will look forward towards your reviews of the tutorial.

What is Sass?

Sass is a CSS pre-processor language. This means that Sass is not a language in itself but mere a wrapper over CSS to reduce its code-size. Also, Sass provides some additional functionalities which were absent in CSS like introduction to - variables, functions, scope, etc.

Sass tries to make CSS like a "programming language" and reap various benefits from it. In other words the simplicity of CSS is being trade-off adding complexity but reducing its code size.

Should we always use Sass?

No! You do not need to use Sass always, neither is it necessary. For decades we have been coding all along in CSS only and it has worked. If you are making a small website or a small-store wordpress page, you do Not need to include any css pre-processor like - Sass, Less, Stylus, etc.

You only need to add Sass to your project if it is going to get big in future and it is going to have issues with inconsistencies. Sass makes it easier to set few variables for all common use-cases, like for colors, fonts, shadows, etc. So that in future anyone who is working in project can make use of those pre-defined styles and doesn't simply add a new one with increasing number of coders. Also, theme-changes is very easy as you got to change variables only at 1 place and not for every instance in the CSS file.

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